We specialise in Instrument training

FAA Flight Training. Come to us in East Anglia and Northern France, or we can come to you anywhere.

Had a bad flight training experience in the past?

Was your instructor too busy and important with other things to do the job properly?

At FlyFAA,  your instructors are professional, friendly and 100% dedicated to flight training.


We will never send you to the examiner without ensuring you are fully prepared – which  means  paperwork, oral and flight test. And we will always accompany you on check ride day.   You are our responsibility until you have your licence in your hand.

We also offer;   CPL training  /  BFR  /  IPC  /  Intensive written test preparation

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‘A Guide To Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FAA Flight Training In Europe’

Based on many hours of face to face and phone enquiries, this guide covers the paperwork requirements, training and maintenance of FAA licences and ratings in Europe and dispels all the myth and misinformation that abounds.

Booklet cost £20  – refundable with flight or ground training’

After purchasing the booklet through PayPal you will be sent an email with a download link to receive your booklet. If you do not receive this email for any reason please contact us


August 23, 2021 Calling all UK Resident N reg Aircraft Owners and FAA Licence Holders

As of June 2021, the CAA has prohibited the use of FAA licences held by UK residents in UK airspace. This applies to all registrations of aircraft including US N reg. You must obtain at least a UK PPL to … Continue reading

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